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Exhaust Header

Alden Exhaust Header

The Dual O-Ring design provides a superior seal while the 4 spring mounts provide for versatile mounting options.  Fits Honda CR125 cylinder, and is precision CNC machined from steel.  Our header spacers allow tuning options to maximize your performance (see photo).

Dyno Results - 125 Honda Moto Engine w/ RCE T3 Exhaust Pipe/A3 Silencer/Alden Ent Racing Dual O-Ring Header.

No Spacer      -  Standard Horsepower/Torque
5mm Spacer   -  Low-Mid range Power/Torque increase over standard
10mm Spacer -  Mid-Top range Power/Torque increase over standard

Note: Typical power increase measured on Dyno range from .5 to 1 hp gain over standard No Spacer Setup.

Your results may vary.

Coil Mounts

Alden Coil Mount

Available with either a 55mm or 80mm bolt center.  The 55mm is for late model Honda heads, while the 80mm (plain finish) is for the old model head.

Anodized Cylinder Covers

Alden Cylinder Cover

Anodized aluminum to cover the sides and top of the cyclinder.

Kick Start Plug

Alden Kick Start Plug 


4 Spring Mounts

Alden Header

Note the versatile spring mounting points.

Header Spacers

Alden Header Spacers

See the dyno results to the left.

80mm Coil Mount

Alden 80mm Coil Mount

Inner Cylinder Cover

Inner Cover

Outer Cylinder Cover

Outer Cover